The Shumagin Islands

The Shumagin Islands

The R.V. Langseth

The R.V. Langseth

Day 2 @ Sea - Sunshine and Streamer…at last!

14 July 2011, 05:53

Kelly Hostetler

After much troubleshooting, the tug-of-war game between our ship and the sea has finally crowned a victor – science. Shift after shift ran into many telemetry and communication obstacles and it seemed that with every step forward, we took two steps back. But mid-afternoon and mid-shift for me, just as I was imagining a humpback whale make a Free Willy style jump over our streamer, the sun decided to shine down on us. And now, after many sections of streamer have been removed, replaced and then removed again, the patience and hard labor has paid off. (For those of you outside the seismic community, these are not the streamers used to decorate for a birthday party. These st...

Day 1 @ Sea - Waking Up

13 July 2011, 08:03


Day 1 @ Sea: We arrived aboard Langseth at approximately 11 pm (Alaska Daylight Time) on Monday, July 11 after a full day of reading and laying around a hotel room on a rainy day.  We were picked up by a small skiff intended for rescue operations and everyone of us would have agreed that it was being used in such a capacity... We approached the ship at the high point of the seemingly endless Aleutian summer twilight amidst a background of wind-burned black cliffs sandwiched between low-slung pale blue clouds and dark seas.  It was a wonderful preface to the adventure we'd had in mind. We were shown a hasty introduction to our quarters and the ship's facilities and enco...

Day Zero @ Sea - Airports and Sand Point, AK

13 July 2011, 07:52


Day Zero @ Sea: The five of us departed from all over the United States on Friday the 8th in an effort to converge upon Sand Point, AK. Immoderate Weather and faulty aircraft maintenance induced layovers in Seattle, Denver and Anchorage. What had been scheduled as a 24 hour trip for those starting in New York and Boston turned had doubled in duration and taken its toll on everyone. Companionship amongst ourselves and newfound friends aided in curing the boredom of sitting in airports, waiting for departures continuously delayed. Indeed we finally made it into Sand Point on Sunday afternoon, July 10 with our sanity, some new friends, all of our luggage and a fresh e...


21 June 2011, 20:13


Five Columbia University undergraduates go to sea aboard the R/V Langseth as part of a class 'Sea-going Experience in Earth Sciences'. Read below to follow along with their adventures!