This lake sediment core shows distinctive layering of material deposited from ice sheet abrasion and exposed lake organics. This core is one of many being used to calculate Greenland’s Holocene ice extent.

Snow on Ice employs several different techniques to establish Greenland’s Middle Holocene ice extent. The timing of the retreat of the Greenland Ice Sheet after the last glaciation has been fairly well established, however, the position of the ice sheet margin during the Middle Holocene warming, when the ice sheet was smaller than present day, is not well established. This project is pairing data from sub-ice lake sediments with newest bed machine mapping from under the ice sheet, and match this with cosmogenic-isotope methodology in order to establish the best estimates of the inland retreat of the southwestern section of the Greenland Ice Sheet in that warm period.

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Locked in the Lake

Hidden Under Ice

Archived in Bedrock