School & After School Programs

We work with K-12 school groups, scout groups, after school clubs, and undergraduate programs to cater the visit to best fit the your STEM curriculum (i.e. biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, etc.). All content will be hands on, place-based education using the Hudson River and Piermont Marsh.

Mercy College students join us for a wonderful day of science exploration at the Hudson River Field Station.
A group of Daisy Scouts joined the field station team for a day of seining and fish identification.

The field station is equipped with microscopes and user-friendly wentzscopes, a SMART board, a topographic 3-D map of the Hudson and Palisades Sill, and state-of-the-art scientific equipment to enhance students’ comprehension of some complex and often new information. The field station provides all the necessary gear for students to collect their own samples for investigations. Your students will never forget their visit to the field station!

Program fees are dependent on the number of students and amount of time spent at the field station. Grant support is available for qualifying schools. If you are interested in scheduling a visit to the field station, contact Laurel Zaima, Education and Outreach Coordinator,