NYS DEC Great Hudson River Fish Count

Lamont’s Hudson River Field Station participated in the 10th annual Great Hudson River Fish Count hosted by the NYS DEC. During the fish count, visitors helped us collect fish using seine nets. Seining involves pulling a net through the water and checking out the fish, crabs, and other River life caught in its mesh. We had a blast exploring all the life that lives beneath the surface of the Hudson! 

Summer on the Hudson: Riverside Park’s Hudson River Fish Count

We led Summer on the Hudson’s Hudson River Fish Count on SATURDAY JUNE 26th at RIVERSIDE PARK. Participants got up close and personal with fish and other species that we netted in the Hudson! We had a very special visitor, a huge adult American eel!

Field Station Team Presented on Climate Change Impacts

We led a session at the Mid-Atlantic Climate Change Education Conference entitled ‘What Will Climate Change Mean for my Neighborhood?‘ on June 28-July 1 for a 4-day #ClimateChange professional development experience.

April is Earth Month!

Columbia University’s Earth Institute State of the Planet Blog posted a new Earth Day article entitled“How You Can Help Restore Nature on Earth”. The article includes an action item list of 10 things that YOU can do to get involved in eco-restoration. Margie Turrin, Director of Educational Field Programs, states that it is important to “be cognizant about the changes that we have created, and how we can make a really big difference through being aware and trying to correct some of these things with projects that will help to improve their functionality.

Welcome the Newest Addition to the Field Station!

We are thrilled to be able to showcase this beautiful Model Atlantic Sturgeon to educate students and the pubic about the unique creatures that call the Hudson their home!

Next Generation of Hudson River Educators

Our Field Station summer interns have been busy learning about the Hudson & developing new materials for us. Check out their blog and follow our instagram for more!

Undergraduate Visits

We have been welcoming undergraduates to visit the Field Station from Barnard & Mercy Colleges.

Ribbon Cutting

September 26, 2019 Lamont-Doherty celebrated the opening of their newly renovated Field Station.

New Murals!

Two outdoor murals have been installed focused on the geologic & environmental history of the Hudson Valley!

Teacher workshops

Over the summer we introduced teachers to our Field Station and our special spot on the Hudson estuary.

Student Research

Over the summer a team of students from the Secondary School Field Research Program studied plankton assemblages & microplastics in the river.

Student workshops

Students learn best when activities are hands on! We hosted several student workshops this summer!

Summer, 2019

This summer we welcomed visitors to the Field Station Tuesdays through Saturdays, sharing our love of the Hudson!

April 22, 2019

The Field Station has been freshly painted and the interior is currently being renovated!

April 20, 2019

What a sunny day on the Pier! Everything is starting to come alive and we’re looking forward to warm weather ahead!

April 4, 2019

New shelving and cabinetry has been installed into the field station, can’t wait to fill those shelves!