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Field Station’s Upcoming Events 

Hudson River Park’s SUBMERGE Marine Science Festival

The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory’s Hudson River Field Station is virtually participating in the SUBMERGE Marine Science Festival! Join us on October 21st, 2021 for the ‘River Health’ day as we share about how sea level rise is impacting Hudson river front communities. Check out this link for more information. 

Climate Solution’s Week:

The Hudson River Field Station’s Laurel Zaima will serve on a panel for the session ‘Climate Solutions and You(th)’ hosted by the Hudson River Clearwater Sloop. Alongside a panel of experts, Laurel will share about the climate solutions that young people can participate in and what the Columbia Climate School’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory is doing to amplify youth voices in the climate movement.

Thank you for a wonderful summer of Hudson River Estuary explorations! We hope you had as much fun as we did and will join us again next summer. 

In collaboration with NYSDEC Hudson River Estuary Program, we are preparing for the student field event ‘A Day in the Life of the Hudson and Harbor‘ that will be held October 14th, 2021. Please explore our website for more information about the event, to explore the data, and to use the related Hudson River activities and lessons.

History of The Hudson River Field Station

For more than two decades, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory’s “blockhouse” at the end of Piermont pier has served as an outpost for research, education, and outreach programs centered on the Hudson River and the adjacent Piermont Marsh. Originally built in the 1950’s to service Lamont’s research vessels returning from sea, the building was heavily damaged during Superstorm Sandy. We are currently in the process of a full building renovation to create a newly designed, updated field station serving multiple goals of research, outreach, and education.

Over the 20 years our education and outreach programs have operated, the Piermont Pier location has introduced thousands of local students to the Hudson River ecosystem. The renovation of this facility will allow us to enhance educational programming and public outreach with the addition of child-friendly microscopes, teaching resources, science exhibits and lab equipment for student field trips and activities. Additionally, data collected annually at this location will continue to be part of a wider data set used by students throughout the Hudson River Valley in classroom lessons, student research projects, and other special programs.

The study of rivers and estuaries has historically been a high priority research area for Lamont. Current and past research has focused on sediment transport, pollution assessment, biological and ecosystem monitoring, as well as wetland system studies. The field station will continue to have a working lab dedicated to research and technology. The remainder of the building is being designed as a teaching lab, outreach center, and Exploratorium will be used to host school field trips as well as be open to the public on a regular basis.

Students consider river processes as they examine Hudson River sediments.

Contact us

If you’d like more information about our science and outreach programs please contact the field station education team Margie Turrin or Laurel Zaima.

If you’d like to make a gift in support of the field station, please contact the director of the Field Station, Dr. Maureen Raymo or Development.