The Hudson Valley INCLUDES Alliance shares a goal of establishing ourselves as a group with major impact on diversity in the STEM professions in the New York and New Jersey Hudson Valley region through immersive research experience in earth and environmental sciences. We  will galvanize the impact power of a focused STEM network, authentic scientific research, and STEM leadership curriculum to engage and inspire a new generation of STEM leaders.  The work of the alliance will leverage and expand on the strengths of partners across research departments at academic institutions, school networks, informal learning organizations, and fieldwork sites. We will achieve this by:

  1. Creating and launching 4 cluster pilot programs at partner sites in Manhattan, Rockland County, Mid-Hudson New York and New Jersey
  2. Establishing a steering committee to support the individual clusters, provide unifying goals and evaluation tools and strengthen reach and impact;
  3. Securing funding for the individual clusters as well as the backbone organization.