Lamont’s research and education initiatives are funded through a combination of public and private support. The extraordinary generosity of our friends, alumni, and staff is deeply appreciated by all of us at the Observatory. Every gift, large or small, helps generate another discovery. And in that way, every donor becomes a partner in our scientific and educational endeavors and plays a crucial role in advancing the fundamental knowledge needed to sustain our environment.

We are deeply appreciative of the continued generosity of the G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation. Their decades of support have enabled the Observatory to recruit and retain key members of our staff who lead pioneering research programs and increase our understanding of the processes that govern the workings of our planet.

The 2015 Vetlesen Prize was awarded to Stephen Sparks, from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom. Dr. Sparks was recognized for his groundbreaking work in the field of volcanology.

The Vetlesen medal

We also acknowledge with gratitude the generosity of The Brinson Foundation, the Hudson River Foundation, and Riverkeeper, Inc., for their continued support, and we extend our thanks for the funding received from the Comer Science and Education Foundation, Max Kade Foundation, Pinkerton Foundation, Simons Foundation, Google, Inc., Tinker Foundation, and University of Hawaii Foundation.

Advisory Board

The Lamont Advisory Board is comprised of 17 community leaders, donors, loyal friends, and alumni who deeply believe in our mission to generate fundamental, actionable knowledge about the origin, evolution, and future of the natural world. The Board provides advice and support to the Observatory, meeting four times per year as a whole and in committees focused on education, marketing and communications, risk, membership, and fundraising. Sarah E. Johnson, a film producer and philanthropist, became chair of the Advisory Board in 2014.

Alumni Board

Lamont’s Alumni Board, led by Greg Mountain (’81), is made up of former graduate students, researchers, and staff who strive to promote the welfare of Lamont by acting as advocates and supporters of the Observatory’s mission. Members play an important role in fostering communication and interaction among Lamont alumni.

We encourage alumni to connect with us and experience the value of maintaining ties across miles and years, whether at our annual Alumni Reception each December or on visits to our campus.

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