Our Donors

We are extremely grateful to the many friends and alumni who sustain our research and educational endeavors through their financial contributions. Annual giving is critical to the advancement of our mission, to the stability and ongoing operations of the Observatory, and to the maintenance and stewardship of our campus.

The following gifts were made to Lamont between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. With gratitude and appreciation, we acknowledge the generosity of the following.

$500K +
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
The G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation

$100K +
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Comer Science and Education Foundation
Frank and Joanne Gumper*
The Pinkerton Foundation

$50K – $99,999
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
George and Wendy David
H. F. “Gerry” Lenfest, Esq. and Marguerite Brooks Lenfest
Terry A. Plank*
The Brinson Foundation
The Tinker Foundation Incorporated

$10K – $49,999
AMG Charitable Gift Foundation
George Lawrence Becker Jr., M.D. and Family
Botwinick-Wolfensohn Foundation, Inc.
Edward Botwinick
Mark and Barbara Cane*
Florentin J-M. R. Maurrasse*
Riverkeeper, Inc.
Verizon Foundation

$5K – $9,999
Dennis M. Adler and Robin Aronow*
Thomas and Nancy Anderson*
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Arthur Lerner-Lam*
John Maguire
William and Judith Ryan*
Julian Sproule and Caroline Meroz
The Atkinson Family Foundation
The Henry L. & Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation
Londa Weisman
Jane Wells

$1,000 – $4,999
Mashael Al Shalan and Noura Turki Al-Saud
O. Roger Anderson*
Kathleen Callahan*
George S. Clark*
Millard F. Coffin*
Robert B. Cook*
Bruce L. Deck*
John Peter de Neufville
Jishu Deng and Yuan Yuan*
H. James and Sally Dorman*
Steven R. Emerson*
Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.
Paul Jeffrey Fox and Janet B. Stroup Fox*
Jeffrey Franklin
J. W. and Marielle Garrigan
Global Climate Change Foundation
Hongsheng Guo and Di Yang*
Thomas and Ellen Herron*
Holly Hodder
J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation
Stanley Jacobs*
George W. Kipphut*
Teh-Lung Ku*
Robert H. and Gale Lawrence, Jr.
Aaron J. Lebovitz and Donna T. Myers*
Paul J. Maddon
Ruth R. Maier
Virginia McConn Oversby and Lars Werme*
Stephen A. Myers
National Philanthropic Trust
James H. and Virginia E. Robertson*
Martine S. Rossignol-Strick*
Roxiticus Fund
Peter H. Santschi
Jorge L. Sarmiento*
Sean and Pamela Solomon*
Stanley W. Stillman
Thomas F. Stocker*
James W. C. White*
The Heimbold Foundation

$500 – $999
John and Marlene Accardo
Walter and Mildred Alvarez*
Michael and Barbara S. Amdurer*
Ta-Wei Chen and Nan Yu*
Kenneth W. and Linda M. Ciriacks*
College Club of Ridgewood
Joseph P. D. Hull Jr.*
Jean Mia Leo and Richard J. Kuczkowski*
Willard S. Moore*
Jennifer R. Reynolds*
Christopher D. and Jane Walker*
Xuejin Wang and Lingqiao Ying Ma*
Howard Worzel*

$499 – less
Mark J. Adelson
Warren and Mary Adis
Robert S. Agatston*
Yash P. Aggarwal*
James J. Alberino and Tuula Pasola-Alberino*
Peter F. Almasi*
American Express Foundation
Rockne S. Anderson*
Antonio E. Azevedo*
Emil S. Bahary
Kamel S. Bahary
Matthew C. Baum
Werner Bischoff
John H. Bodine*
Marvin Bolotsky and Laura Bolotsky
BP Foundation, Inc.
J. Ernest and Rebecca Breeding Jr.*
Deborah E. Brown
Hannes and Mary Ann Brueckner*
Thomas and Cathryn Burch*
Peter R. Buseck*
Elliot S. Cafritz
Steven C. Cande*
Ross S. Cann*
Philip and Brigitte Carmichael
Chicago Bridge & Iron Company
George L. Choy*
Jonathan E. Cohen and Cynthia L. Cohen
Jennifer M. Cole*
John and Sigrid Colgan
David W. Cooke*
Aiguo Dai and Junhong Wang*
Patricia A. Daly, OP
Joan Engels Davidson
George L. De Coster*
Yvette Delabarre De Felice
Peter B. deMenocal*
Fred Devan
Thomas E. Eastler*
Gordon P. Eaton*
Philip W. Ehrlich
Robert Eisenstadt
Brenda Ekwurzel and Vicki Childers*
Patrick and Lynn English
David and Katherine Epstein
Peter and Pauline Eschweiler
Robert A. Esser
ExxonMobil Foundation
Rodger T. and Carol E. Faill*
Melvin and Claire Feldman
Thomas J. and Rosemary M. Fitch*
Myron H. Fliegel*
Michael F. Forlenza
Therese A. Foschini
John H. Foster*
Charles J. Franck*
Eric and Rosemary Free
Mary Carol M. Frier
Hubert and Jean Gabrielse*
Naira Gagoulachvili
Herman Galberd
Wilford D. Gardner and Mary Jo Richardson*
Mary Ann Garland*
Edward A. Garvey*
Alice H. Gerard
Henry and G. Gerson
Elizabeth Jean Gier*
Goldman Sachs & Company
Megan B. Goldman
Lisa L. Gordon
Ronald I. Greenberg
Roberto H. Gwiazda and Ana C. Ravelo*
Rae L. Harris Jr.*
Timothy B. Harwood*
Lisa Hawkins*
Christopher T. Hayes*
Kerry A. Hegarty and Glenn A. Duddy*
David and Ellan Heit
Hans J. Holland*
Lawrence L. Hope*
Robert D. Jacobi*
Jefferies & Company, Inc.
Marc and Judy Joseph
Jaewook and So Young Jun
David C. Kadko*
Sheldon and Cynthia Katz
Whitney and Fred Keen
Alison R. Keimowitz*
Harold and Eva Kellogg*
Nadia I. Kihiczak*
David M. Knowles*
Daniel and Lois Kobal
Joseph H. Kravitz
Amando and Eleanor Langella
E. Scott Lemmon
Julius and Hermine Levine
Anyi Li*
Yuan-Hui and Gertraude Li*
Diane Lichtman
Thornton and Lenora Lockwood
Donald W. Lovejoy*
James D. Lowell*
William J. and Olga V. Ludwig*
Robert A. and Marcia D. Lupton*
Ntungwa and Arnetia Maasha*
John G. Makar
Marvin H. Malater
Maurice Malin
MaryAnn Love Malinconico*
George and Carrie Mannix
Parameshwari Maragatham
Glenna Marra
Fred and Karine McDowell*
Arthur F. and Annette V. McGarr*
Estelle K. Meislich
James and Dorothy Mellett*
Regina M. Mendez*
Peter J. Michael and Rebecca P. Roe*
George and Sylvia Miller
Geraldine Miras
David Moelling
Martin W. Molloy*
Felice Morris
Gregory S. and Carol S. Mountain*
Cary L. Mrozowski*
Russell Muller
Jessie S. Mygatt
Herbert F. and Teruko S. Neuwalder
New York Community Trust
Rebecca Nordensten
Suzanne B. O’Connell and Thomas A. Christopher*
Robert and Martha Page
Howard Parish
Michael J. and Nancy R. Passow*
Michael R. and Renee Perfit*
Susan Phan
Richard C. and Denise Quittmeyer*
Emma Clare Rainforth*
William S. Reeburgh
Michael Reed
Laurie C. Reisberg*
Frank Revetta
Michael Rodman and Lorraine Banyra*
William D. Romaine
William F. and Virginia C. Ruddiman*
Rita T. Salemo
William Salesky
Lester and Joan Saporta
Marc L. Sbar*
Robert C. Schneider and Regina M. Mullahy
Rolf G. Schudel, Jr.
Patrice M. Serret-Mehmel
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
John H. Sindt*
Peter Sobel*
Xiaodong Song*
Edgar W. Spencer*
Philip Staropoli
Joseph N. Stennett and Margaret A. Winslow*
Oscar and Amy Strongin*
Yongjun Su and Xiong Wen*
Don and Mary Tobin*
Raleigh and Catherine Tozer*
Eliot F. Tozer Jr.
Harry G. Twitchell
Stacey L. Vassallo*
Valerie Vivian
Thomas V. Wagner
Alan and Dorothy Walton*
Xuejin Wang and Lingqiao Ying Ma*
Thomas and Barbara Wick
William and Shirley Wilcox*
Stephen and Debbie Wilkowski
Sonia Winner
Arthur Winoker
Bill Worzel*
Jimin Yu*
Youxue Zhang*
Seymour and Audrey Zubkoff

In Honor Of
Natalie J. Accardo
Robin Bell
Wally Broecker
Zach Eilon and Rachel Cohen
Arnold L. Gordon
Dr. Lynn R. Sykes

In Memory Of
Shaul S. Bahary
Mark Becker
David Cohen
Dr. Marcus G. Langseth, Jr.
Juliet Malin
Mr. Philip Reisberg
J. Lamar Worzel and Dorothy C. Worzel

Torrey Cliff Society
The Torrey Cliff Society is comprised of supporters who have included Lamont-Doherty in their estate plans or who have made life income arrangements with Columbia University for the benefit of the Observatory.

Reflecting the original name of the property on which the Observatory is located, the Torrey Cliff Society pays homage not only to the extraordinary generosity of Thomas and Florence Lamont, who donated their weekend estate to Columbia University in 1948, but also to those who support the Observatory’s decades of scientific achievement with an enduring legacy.

Torrey Cliff Society Members as of June 30, 2013
O. Roger Anderson
Thomas and Nancy Anderson
Mark and Barbara Cane
Nestor Granelli
Frank J. Gumper
John Hall
Kerry A. Hegarty
Kenneth Hudnut
Holly Hodder
Oleg Jardetzky
Lillian Langseth
John Maguire
Rudi Markl
Andrew and Barbara McIntyre
Virginia McConn Oversby
Contance Sancetta

(*) indicates current or past Lamont-Doherty affiliation

We have made every effort to ensure this listing of contributors is complete, and we apologize for any errors or omissions.  To report corrections, please email staceyv@LDEO.columbia.edu.