The Shumagin Islands

The Shumagin Islands

The R.V. Langseth

The R.V. Langseth

Daily Archives: July 23, 2011

Near Miss

23 July 2011, 06:40



[Again due to an account error, this post is several days late. It is meant to precede yesterday’s post by Hannah.] Today we avoided calamity. At 2 AM, two hours into my watch, Streamer 1 stopped sending us any data. Rather than sloping oceanic crust, the raw data display showed only a terrifying, bar code-like […]

Oh the waves…

23 July 2011, 01:46



The seas are a’rockin and a’rollin worse than we’ve seen so far. Most of us are happily doped up to avoid turning up our own dinners. Suddenly the everyday motions have turned into a hazardous workout – pinballing off walls in the hallway, trying to go up a down staircase, and even bracing against the […]