The Shumagin Islands

The Shumagin Islands

The R.V. Langseth

The R.V. Langseth

Daily Archives: July 19, 2011

Bathymetry and papers

19 July 2011, 23:31



On watch recently we’ve had the responsibility of editing bathymetry data. The Langseth has been collecting a large volume of multibeam bathymetry data as we travel along our lines. These images of seafloor topography, acquired by measuring the time it takes a signal to travel down through the water, reflect off the bottom, and return […]

It’s all about the people

19 July 2011, 06:41

Kelly Hostetler


With a daily grind centered around eating, sleeping and watching data, I have realized two main differences between life on land and life at sea: first, the little moments become big, and second, the people become entertainment. I don’t know if it is seismologists? Boats? Boredom? But shoot, people are nice on this ship. Whether […]