The Shumagin Islands

The Shumagin Islands

The R.V. Langseth

The R.V. Langseth

Daily Archives: July 14, 2011

Wave Propagation 101

14 July 2011, 22:04



Today at lunch, several of us realized that, while we mathematically understand how seismic refraction, and thus our experiment aboard the Langseth, works, we did not understand what that math physically meant. The following is a brief synopsis of why and how this whole air gun/hydrophone system works: Over the next few weeks, we aim […]

Day 3-On to streamer two!

14 July 2011, 21:40



Last night on the final watch of the day, we finally put out the last of streamer one! The first streamer is over a decade old, so it was expected to have some problems, but nobody expected it to take quite so long. After almost 48 hours of deployment, the last of the cable which […]

Day 2 @ Sea – Sunshine and Streamer…at last!

14 July 2011, 05:53

Kelly Hostetler


After much troubleshooting, the tug-of-war game between our ship and the sea has finally crowned a victor – science. Shift after shift ran into many telemetry and communication obstacles and it seemed that with every step forward, we took two steps back. But mid-afternoon and mid-shift for me, just as I was imagining a humpback […]