Exploring The Greenland Ice Sheet Stability In A Changing Arctic System

Snow on Ice takes a new look at the Arctic climate. What if the current warming could actually stabilize the Greenland Ice Sheet? What if the loss of Arctic Sea Ice brings unexpected changes to the Arctic hydrologic cycle? Newly exposed ocean water could cause  cold and dry Arctic air masses to warm, bringing additional moisture to this region, some of which could fall as additional snow. More snow on Greenland in the winter, with some lasting through the summer, would cause the ice sheet to grow and begin to stabilize. This is the hypothesis that the Snow on Ice project will examine.

Amazing time at Fort Washington Park with Some enthusiastic fish citizen scientists! Baby blues (fish!), baby summer flounder, striped bass and blue crabs #findyourfish


New study #Earth&SpaceResearch tells us icebergs protect themselves from waves! Clever little things! https://t.co/uaKECbcwnH.

#Paleoclimate got a great boost! Fun visuals of paleo isotopes as cats! @corkboatdofcuriosities.com https://t.co/TcKxBmfZMa

Congrats on this first graph of the complete South Pole ice core oxygen isotopes - many years and hours of hard work!

Collecting critical data on changes in Arctic ice cover @NASA_ICE. Check out this story on GlacierHub: https://t.co/I7JxLcAn0L #Glacier via@GlacierHub https://t.co/FjbN24q74b

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