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“Knee deep in the water somewhere…”

22 July 2012, 01:31



The last few days have been filled with action on the deck and in the lab as we shift our efforts to the ‘focused network,’ and the last 8 recoveries of our trip. The focused network contains 13 OBSs in a concentrated region off the Oregon coast between Gray’s Harbor and Willapa Bay. Their close […]

Let the Sun Shine!

16 July 2012, 08:34



Everyone seemed to make it a point to get out on the decks for some time today. The sun was shining, the captain was fishing, and the hammock was swaying gently above the rocking ship. Although some people found themselves busier than others, I think most everyone enjoyed the nice weather and found a little […]

Useful Vocab

12 July 2012, 20:39



Here are some useful vocab words that may appear in our blog posts. I’ve attached some pictures below as well! OBS – Stands for ocean bottom seismometer. This instrument is lowered over the side and rests on a tripod on the seafloor. It measures any and all seismic (earthquake) activity. TRM – Stands for Trawl […]


11 July 2012, 15:16



Good morning! It’s 0314 on board as we are excitedly sitting in the lab after successfully retrieving out first ocean-bottom seismometer (OBS) at 0245 this morning. The engineers are currently taking the device apart in the wet-lab and will be analyzing the data soon! But first, let’s talk about what got us here to this […]